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Post by showfor on 20/02/13, 11:33 am

To ECNL Parent Veterans, what are your experiences and thoughts about dual-rostering? Has dual-rostering been a beneficial arrangement for your daughter? Or, is it a situation to be avoided? Appreciate your candid thoughts.

TxSoccer Poster
TxSoccer Poster

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Re: Dual-rostering

Post by golgolgol on 20/02/13, 12:24 pm

a little further down the page, this was brought up.

here is what I mentioned in that link with some changes:

it is completely up to the different teams/coaches. There is no hard rule on how this works.

My dd was dual rostered last year. She was only supposed to play when needed due to injuries, but she ended up playing quite a bit. There were others that were dual rostered that never played a game, and one that played a single game.

Some teams have girls that are dual rostered that played every ECNL game all year, sometimes as a starter. There are some that have girls dual rostered that have never shown up to a practice or game after 18 games.

If this is being presented to you, things to consider:

How much playing time does dd get on the LHGCL team?
if she is not a starter there, then don't expect a lot of time on ECNL.

How many are on the ECNL roster?
If the roster is pretty full, again, don't expect a lot of time.

Things to discuss with the coaches:

Do they both bless this dual roster for your dd?
LHGCL coach may not like it and pass on the anger to dd's playing time.

Do both coaches expect dd at each practice? Or only LHGCL practices until they are needed at ECNL?

Some coaches want them at all practices, which could make for a lot of soccer all year. Some coaches say stay with LHGCL practices, and if they foresee a need for ECNL then join those practices leading up to the game.

It was a good experience for my dd, and she is now full time ECNL this year, no more dual roster.

Good luck with whatever happens.
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TxSoccer Author

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Re: Dual-rostering

Post by Pele98 on 21/02/13, 10:08 am

Golgolgol has put it very nicely and in a nutshell.

I would also think that dual-roster will also depend on who is driving the process.

1. If the dd/parents are driving the need to dual-roster, that might imply that they are looking for something in ECNL which might not readily be available in LHGCL.

2. If the LHGCL coach is driving the need to dual-roster, that might imply that the dd (or dds) in question need something different (extra?) in ECNL which she might not get through LHGCL. A smart, caring coach will do that.

3. If the ECNL coach is driving the need to dual-roster, that might imply that he sees certain values on the dd/dds and would like to tap into those to help his/her ECNL team. Obviously whatever he/she sees in the dual-rostered dds have to be somehow better than what is right there in his/her ECNL roster.

4. If the Club is pushing for dual-roster, I would imagine that they are probably doing that to pad the rosters or to appease certain parents. Not a good situation for dds.
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Re: Dual-rostering

Post by DrSoccer on 21/02/13, 10:41 am

agree w/both posters, in short, If dd will be practicing with the ecnl team and playing each weekend with one team or the other I can't see anything wrong with it as long as both coaches buy into it.
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