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Sore feet on '02 player

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Sore feet on '02 player Empty Sore feet on '02 player

Post by mommabear1 on 21/02/13, 11:21 am

Hoping someone can help.

My '02 is really suffering with her feet. Last June she started having pain across the top of her right foot, it looked swollen and even bruised. Doc said it was an overuse injury, said to stay off a few weeks. In late September, same thing...but she heard her foot "pop" prior to onset of pain. Doc said ripped tendon/ligament, put her in a boot for a few weeks. Pain has come and gone sporadically since. Started hurting badly again about a month ago...swelling and bruised looking again. Went to different doctor, xrays clean, he says she has flat feet, should start wearing arch supports. Got them on a Friday and had a tourney that weekend...kid couldn't even walk after the weekend because both feet now hurting. Tried only wearing arch supports with cleats...still hurting. I've heard arch supports don't help flat feet because there isn't an arch to support??? I don't know what to do and her feet hurt after nearly every practice now, have to go home and give her ibuprofen so she can sleep through the pain. She says sometimes she heard "popping noises"...maybe she just feels something and perceives it as a pop sound...I don't know, she is 11 so hard to get an adequate description.

Main symptoms: pain across top (part used to kick ball) but starts at the outside ankle area. Painful to walk, painful to the can barely touch the top or she yelps, sometimes swollen looking.

Anyone have this experience with their daughter? Any ideas? I guess an MRI is the next step? She says quitting soccer isn't an option for her but I hate seeing her in pain like this.

Thanks Crying or Very sad

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Sore feet on '02 player Empty Re: Sore feet on '02 player

Post by Guest on 21/02/13, 11:28 am

I've seen this before. Your doctor has an "overuse" condition and it's time to find another because you've "overused" him or her. $100 says his initial diagnosis was wrong. Overuse injuries on the top of the foot are far more rare than on the sole, heal, ankle, etc. My guess is he figured with a little time and rest, it would correct itself. Overuse injuries don't begin with a "pop".


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Sore feet on '02 player Empty Re: Sore feet on '02 player

Post by FriscoSoccer2004 on 21/02/13, 11:36 am

Go see Dr Charles Marder, Foot & Ankle Care of Texas, both his kids play soccer and he was great for Daughter's issues. His # is 972-981-7900

His office is at the office building at Plano Presbyterian

Best of luck
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Sore feet on '02 player Empty Re: Sore feet on '02 player

Post by justamomof2 on 21/02/13, 01:10 pm

First of all, I'm sorry to hear she's suffering so much. I can't offer much in regards to a diagnosis, but I would second FS05's recommendation to see a foot specialist. I have experience with foot issues, and have had orthodic inserts since I was a teenager. Based on when you started wearing the arch supports, I am not surprised she was in worse pain over the weekend. The supports help to correct the arch and give it the curve it is missing, and it takes time for your body to accept that adjustment. Each time I received new inserts, I was told to gradually increase the time I wore them--start with an hour, then gradually build up to wearing them all day over the course of a week or two. While I still had some pain and inflammation during the two week adjustment period, it wasn't horrible and was easily managed with a tylenol here or there. The process is similar to putting braces on your teeth--when the orthodontist tightens them, your mouth hurts for the next day or two until your body adjusts the the teeth being in the new position--by jumping into a tournament with new supports, you basically attempted to skip the transition/adjustment period resulting in the additional pain.

In addition, if he just referred you to the arch supports you can buy off the shelf, you may not have the proper fit or support and that could also cause the additional pain. While this doesn't necessariy explain the original problem, it could give you some insight into why it got worse over the weekend.

Best wishes for finding a quick diagnosis and speedy recovery for your DD.

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Sore feet on '02 player Empty Re: Sore feet on '02 player

Post by jj4mel on 21/02/13, 02:13 pm

Took my DD to see Dr. McNutt after a few bad ankle sprains. He is a pediatric orthopedic and sports medicine M.D. and located in Frisco. Very professional staff and amazing follow up after our visit.

For More Info or to Access Office Forms, please visit:

To make an appointment , or for more information, please call 214-472-8100.

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Sore feet on '02 player Empty Re: Sore feet on '02 player

Post by go99 on 21/02/13, 03:08 pm

try one of the specialist and get away from the DR fast. The overuse diagnosis is the one lazy dr's use when they find a kid who plays sports and they don't know what it is
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Sore feet on '02 player Empty Re: Sore feet on '02 player

Post by jen_nah on 21/02/13, 09:26 pm

I agree time for a new doctor if that is the excuse you are getting. Go see a foot specialist. My '02 dd was diagnosed with Sever's Disease recently. She had been having heel pain that wouldn't go away. He put her in special heel inserts, moved her to turf shoes for practices (can wear cleats for games only), plus special stretches. We also had to switch her regular tennis shoes from the cool Nike Free's to a good pair of New Balance tennis shoes.

There is no reason for her to be going on this long with this severe of foot pain.

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Sore feet on '02 player Empty Re: Sore feet on '02 player

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