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LHGCL Predictions Week 5

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Re: LHGCL Predictions Week 5

Post by tacosoccer1 on 7/10/2013, 2:09 pm

Herradura has any class, Ha. It wouldn't surprise me if she/he is really DM in disguise or one of his little puppets who follow him around, you guys know who you are (video guy).
Herradura = want to be.

TxSoccer Poster
TxSoccer Poster

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Re: LHGCL Predictions Week 5

Post by Coach&Ref on 7/10/2013, 2:10 pm

BahamaMamma wrote:C & R you keep attacking herradura which seems a little squirrely to me. Do whatever you feel is going to help make your daughter a better all around respected player.... but let's do it with a little class.  That's all!   Now let's focus on next weeks predictions! !!!!!:-):-):-):-)
Whoa Mamma! You got it a little backwards here. Go reference my other thread and notice who attacks who first. My concern has always been that a "little" bit of knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. This is why I don't speculate on other teams nor post information that I don't have FIRST HAND INFORMATION about.

Plus, you don't see me posting about other peoples' daughters getting "shut down" by another team nor about a keeper having issues for whatever reason. I, for one, think it's a great accomplishment for a keeper to have kept as many clean sheets as she has. Also, I was pointing out to the "all knowing" Herradura, that even if my daughter is "shut down",like she has been over many games, it still leaves an entire team to do what needs to be done. Kicking my daughter, punching her in the back, poking her in the eye (got a great pic of that one!), purposely hurting her off the ball, is nothing new. The problem is that the ARs, who are supposed to be monitoring this since the CR is watching the action around the play, do NOTHING to address this behavior. It's a shame, but a fact, so we just go on dealing with it every game.

I also don't have predictions. I don't do them because I don't focus on what other teams are doing. I have too much time worrying about developing my daughter, my son, and those girls who do skills sessions with me.

More power to those who do like predicting. My daughter likes it when I tell her that the consensus of the predictions is that we are supposed to lose this game. She gets that extra motivation to play even harder.

I would like to know who Herradura is, so that I can avoid that team like the plague. With her there, you KNOW there has to be massive drama! lol!

Kids are THINKING players on the pitch, not video game characters to be moved around with a joystick by coaches.
TxSoccer Author
TxSoccer Author

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Re: LHGCL Predictions Week 5

Post by jsullivan81 on 7/10/2013, 2:38 pm

Wow... did all that equate to the she started it defense?

TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: LHGCL Predictions Week 5

Post by BahamaMamma on 7/10/2013, 2:41 pm

I have no clue who any of you really are. But can we all just get along.? Seriously. Our girls could be on the NWT together one day :-)♥♥♥lol. Let's enjoy the rest of the season!

TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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