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Season Review

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Season Review

Post by GrandTXSoccer on 16/04/14, 12:56 pm

I'm not sure what his intentions were but C&R did bring up a good topic for discussion. That is teams that have either overachieved or underachieved this season and with that recent poll talking about how many folks are going to be looking it would be interesting to see who everyone thinks had good seasons. Here's my humble opinion (it's nice the 16th off basically and do nothing):

1. SRSA - Hard for them to overachieve considering what everyone thought of them before the season started. Pretty much did what was expected which is pretty darn impressive. I'll actually suggest they are trending down, only because there is no where else for them to go, unless next year they don't give up any goals and score 130 goals.
2. DTS - Finished the first half of the season with some question marks and they don't have a win against a Top 5 team but they also don't have a loss either (play SRSA next). They will most likely finish either #2 or #3 and although they aren't as dominant offensively as some might like, they are as tough as they come to score on at this age so in my mind they did about what was expected.
3. FCD Gold - WIth a win over Sting West they will most likely finish #2 in the league and although they've struggled a little down the stretch against three of the top 5 that were left on their 2nd half schedule they still performed well enough to be the second highest scoring team in the league. I'd actually say they did about what was expected. Finishing 2nd in this league is a pretty strong accomplishment.
4. LP Elite - Had an up and down first half of the season but has come on strong down the stretch with wins vs FCD Prem & Gold. Teams 2 through 4 most likely will finish within 3 points of each other which just goes to show how tight this race to the end was. First half of the season I'd say under performed and then stepped it up in the second half. If they can keep scoring like they've done in the second half of the year then I think they still have a ton of potential.
5. FCD Prem - Finished the first half in 5th, will either finish the season in 4th or 4th depending on what LP Elite does in their last game. I'm actually quite impressed with this team because they've had to deal with more garbage this season than anyone else in DI with them ending up having to deal with switching coaches mid year and going through an adjustment period with him. They had a tough second half schedule of Sting G, FCD Gold, LP Elite and DTS, they came out of that stretch with a win, a loss and two ties. That's not a bad result against those teams. All things considered I think this team has done very well this year.
Sting G - Very up and down season for a talented team. Current issues not included they've had a very tough schedule in the second half and didn't quite get the results they were hoping for. They did beat LP Elite, however they lost to SRSA, DTS, FCD Gold and FCD Prem. They were seeded 5th or 6th coming into the season, finished the first half in 3rd courtesy of a favorable schedule. Right now I would imagine most would say that they fell a little short of expectations but they are still clearly one of the Top teams in the 03 division.
7. Sting Hilton - Pretty good second half, overall a pretty good season. Going into qualifying last year they were still a team going through a little bit of a transition. For years they were one of the Top 5 or 6 teams and then started to have some growing pains. With a month or so to go before the qualifying things started to come together and it seems like they are trending in the right direction. Depending on how things shake out over the offseason I could see them making a move up into that next tier of teams. Need to finish off the season with a win over DT Scott and if they do I think you'd have to call them a bit of a surprise team simply based on where they were seeded.
8. DT03 - Really solid first half of the season, pulling off some ties against some of the top teams. Obviously the second half changed simply due to lineup issues not worth diving back into but I think they've done well in the second half. I believe they had 21 points at the break and 9 in the second half of the season. If they can make a few changes in the offseason and add some scoring then I think they will hold their own next year. Overall I would think they would be considered overachievers for the first half of the year and I'd say they played probably a little better than expected in the second half as well.
9. Cosmos - I think they had 14 points in the first half and now have 14 points in the second half. Very consistent and definitely a surprise team simply based on seeding. Happy to see an independant have some success. Not sure how much higher they can go but they've had a great season.
10. Fever - They were in the bottom four I believe at the break and of all the teams that had chances to win games in the second half they seem to be the only team that's done so. Playing a little bit above seed and have gotten better throughout the season. Heck it's just nice to be able to say their name without it being turned into Bieber Fever. With that being said, lose to Rush next weekend and it's definitely going to leave a sour taste in their mouth all next year.

11. LP Rush - I'm not sure if the Judge Roy Scream has more ups and downs than this team. Everytime you think they are out, the get a win that keeps them in the mix, every time they win and you think they are in then go out and lose to someone they probably shouldn't. Personally I want to see them win the game against Fever, not because I particularly like their team more than Fever, I just really want to see the #1,#10 & #20 teams all finish the season without any ties. If they do end up losing I actually think playing in DII next year might be a blessing. They need to find some scorers and I'm sure there will be some player movement that might free up some roster spots.
12. LP Keegan - Crazy season and if they could have kept it together they probably could have made DI but they've lost players and coaches throughout the season. Somehow pulled off a win vs FCD Red last week with only 10 players, at least that's what I was told. I will be very interested to see how much of this team comes back next year once DII season starts up.
13. FCD Youth Red - I think most everyone thought they would be the team to make the move and shameless self promotion out either Cosmos or LP Rush but just never could get over the hump. Started off the year with a nice win over Sting G but never could string anything together. Probably finished about where they were expected to, however probably a little disappointing they couldn't get a couple of wins down the stretch to make DI. Sounds like they may be losing at least one player but should be a solid DII team next year.
14. Fort Worth FC - Had a favorable early schedule and then a crazy tough one down the stretch. Needed to put a little more space between themselves and other teams. All in all though, every time I spoke to someone who played them the response was always that they played extremely hard and fought for every minute of the game. I think they got the most out of there talent and should be good next year.
15. Andromeda - A little bit a shocker to make DI this year but they showed everyone they belonged and if they can keep the team together I think they should only get better. In my eyes they've had a great season.
16. D'Feeters - I think they were seeded 7th but they've struggled all season long. One of only two teams so far not to score 10 goals this season (Warriors is the other). Definitely a team that would be high on my list of teams to potentially implode once the season is over. I think they would agree that the season has been disappointing.
17. LP Barnes - Up and down season, very inconsistent. Will tie someone like Sting G and then lose to D'Feeters. Lose 1-0 to DTS and then turn around and lose to Sting West by the same score, then tie Cosmos. Results like that might drive a parent to drinking. Haven't heard any rumblings of player movement so I think they have a shot to move up a few spots in DII next season.
18. Sting West - Although there's still a chance they could end up in DIII if they don't win next weekend, the feeling I get from talking with them is that they are pretty happy about where things are right now. They've had quite a few injuries this season so getting any type of consistent play is going to be difficult. Down the stretch when they need wins they somehow were able to find a way to get it done enough times to move them into 18th. If they can make it through the offseason without losing a few key players I think they could rebound next year in DII. Now if players start looking for greener pastures (or a coach that doesn't cuss like a sailor on the sidelines) it won't matter if they are in DII or DIII they are going to struggle.
19 FCD Blue - Came in like a lion and going out like a lamb. Really not their fault though, lost their top player over the Christmas break and never really could find a rhythm in the second half. They did pick up a nice win over DT 03 which is a DI team so if they can have a little time together to gel and if they can find another player or two they should be just fine in DIII next year.
20 Warriors - I actually think they had a great season. No one expected them to win a game, heck scoring a goal was something not many thought they would do. They took their lumps, lost some players midseason, and I think will come out better for the experience. I think they are a team that's going to stick together because it seems like they simply have a different model than everyone else. Playing in DIII next year should allow them a chance to experience some success and the games should definitely slow down quite a bit for them. I think they new it was going to be a long season when it started but I think they've fought hard.

For me I think the team most likely to make a jump next year would be Sting Hilton. Just a few more players and I think they can swap places with Sting G and depending on what happens with FCD Prem in the offseason they might be able to catch them as well.

Not going to speculate too much on which teams will implode just yet but I'm sure those rumblings will start in about two weeks.

TxSoccer Author
TxSoccer Author

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Re: Season Review

Post by Coach&Ref on 16/04/14, 01:20 pm

Great writeup GrandTX! All of that was EXACTLY what I meant, but couldn't have articulated any better by a long-shot.

Excellent job!  cheers

Kids are THINKING players on the pitch, not video game characters to be moved around with a joystick by coaches.
TxSoccer Author
TxSoccer Author

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Re: Season Review

Post by jsullivan81 on 16/04/14, 01:24 pm

How many teams move up from D3? And does Plano create any automatic byes into D3? Or will those teams have to go through QT again, and anyone can sign up?

TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: Season Review

Post by Rookie on 16/04/14, 01:37 pm

1 and 2 from DIII move up to DII
19 and 20 from DI move down to DIII

There was a time when 1st and 2nd in PPL were rewarded with either a bye into DIII or an opportunity to challenge for those spots. But, that rule changed some years ago.  They'll have to go thru QT  Sad 
Any team can sign up for QT....but it's a real pressure cooker and it ain't cheap....so teams typically don't sign up unless they feel fairly confident they can grab one of those 4 DIII spots
TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: Season Review

Post by Guest on 16/04/14, 02:44 pm

well done, well done cheers cheers 


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Re: Season Review

Post by herradura on 16/04/14, 03:41 pm

Agree, well done GrandTX

As far as implosions… All those teams that shoulda been D1 are at risk - at least from losing their stud players. Top of the bottom replace the bottom of the top in a fun game of musical chairs.

State cup will be interesting as it will be final exams or the final straw for many...
TxSoccer Author
TxSoccer Author

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Re: Season Review

Post by Guest on 17/04/14, 02:52 pm

Very well-done. Thanks for posting. No disagreements, either. Would enjoy watching a game with you sometime (like the 8am #10 showdown next Saturday!) though my wife would probably think me crazy for wanting to go to a game I have zero to do with.


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