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Almost Finished

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Almost Finished

Post by GrandTXSoccer on 28/04/14, 10:42 am

DI one has now been settled, most of DII is set and DIII won't be finalized until after the QT so I thought I'd have some fun wih a few random thoughts and some fun with numbers.

From all accounts, sounds like the Fever/LP Rush game was all that it was billed to be with Fever scoring with about 2 minutes or less left in the game to tie and earn the right to advance to DI (however once we look at some numbers that might not be a good thing). Congrats to Fever.

SRSA/DTS game was apparently close as well with SRSA scoring twice in the final 5 minutes of the game. Not sure if it's just been the fact that they'd locked things up so early but the last two SRSA games were much closer than I would have imagined.

Now some random fun with numbers. When looking at the DI teams for next year and just looking at the success they had against each other this year, if they simply played each other like they will next year the standings would have been a little different.

Against the Top 10, obviously SRSA rules the roost, after that it was FC Gold that ended up with 17 out of a possible 27 points available. LP Elite and Sting G earned 15 points each, with FC Prem and DTS earning 13 points each. Sting H and DT Scott both ended up with 9 points, with Cosmos earning 5 points and Fever earning 1 point against the Top 10. So the big mover would have been Sting G which would have finished 3rd instead of 6th. Thankfully for Sting G they won't have to play any of the teams now in DII which apparently give them more problems than the top teams.

If you break it down even further and just see about point earned against the Top 5, SRSA once again was a perfect 12 for 12. Then LP Elite finished with 7 and was the only other team that earned more than 50% of the available points against the Top 5 teams. FCD Gold earned 4 points against the top 5, then Sting G was 4th with 3 points earned against the Top 5, all of those points coming off a win against LP Elite. Then a team that did quite well against the Top 5 was DT Scott who had three points as well, thanks to a nice stretch of games in the first half where they earned draws against Gold, Elite, and Premier. Then with 2 points earned were DTS, FCD Premier, and Sting H, and tied with one point earned each were Cosmos and Fever. So for LP Elite they apparently do better against the better opponents, like Sting G does.

My conference call is now over so I'm going to actually get back to work, if I have some time I'll break down the DII teams for next year to see how everyone did against each other. Congrats to SRSA for winning the league and congrats to all the teams for making DI.

TxSoccer Author
TxSoccer Author

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Re: Almost Finished

Post by RightWingDad on 28/04/14, 07:40 pm

I'm gonna bet some of these teams this fall won't even resemble the team they are today...even more so for D3 teams at the bottom of the table.

Can't wait to see what happens during the summer transfer window ;-)
TxSoccer Sponsor
TxSoccer Sponsor

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Re: Almost Finished

Post by BahamaMamma on 29/04/14, 09:46 pm


TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: Almost Finished

Post by GrandTXSoccer on 30/04/14, 01:47 pm

Looks like everything is now settled until QT in July.

FC Gold
Lp Elite
FCD Prem
Sting G
Sting H
DT Scott

LP Keegan
LP Rush
FC Red
LP Barnes
Sting West
Sting Goodman
Triumph FC

FCD South Blue
Solar Chelsea Royal
Dallas Rush

I'm curious to see how the summer movement effects some of these teams.

I did get a chance to compare the DII teams on a head to head basis and at least based on this years results LP Rush scored more points against the teams they will be playing next year than any other team. LP Keegan was next, followed by FWFC, D'Feeters, Andro, FC Red, LP Barnes, and Sting West. DII should be more fun to follow next year than DI.

TxSoccer Author
TxSoccer Author

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