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deep thoughts on 03's from this weekend

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deep thoughts on 03's from this weekend

Post by Guest on 25/08/14, 09:13 am

well maybe not so deep, but here goes..

solar chelsea is the top team but not srsa
keegan is going back to d2, which leaves the other 7,8,9 teams in a cat fight.
elite needs to be concerned, top teams beat bottom teams, not tie

d2 is wide open
rush stumbles and ties last place relegated team-see above
flanagan beats a decent andromeda team
fcd red showed up and played well..

we will see some very competitive games and some miscues this season


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Re: deep thoughts on 03's from this weekend

Post by jsullivan81 on 25/08/14, 09:49 am

I would expect Keegan to take a bit to get its feet under them, since they onboarded so many new players. I was surprised by the Sting G vs Sting Hilton result. Judging by that, I would be curious to see the Solar vs Sting G game.

I don't know if LP Elite has enough to beat either of those two teams. The talent that came over from FCD to Sting G, seems to be meshing pretty well. So, I think it may be a two team battle for the top spot this season. What did Sting G do to make room for the new players? Where did those players go?

D2 seems to be pretty open, I would agree. 8 of those teams were pretty close last season in D1. I would expect the same. Can the two teams that moved up from D3 make any noise?

D3 - I expect Sparta to do well. They are pretty fast and have some talent.

TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: deep thoughts on 03's from this weekend

Post by RightWingDad on 25/08/14, 10:06 am

Sting Hilton had 3 starters out injured. That does make a difference and I figure they will be a player in the top 5 this year when everyone is back healthy.

Solar does appear to have the inside track to finish on top's a long season and can't make too much of first game results.
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