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Week 1 results

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Week 1 results

Post by speedkills on 25/08/14, 09:02 pm

1. Liverpool Elite - 1, Fever 1
Both very solid teams. I would have expected Liverpool Elite to win this one but Fever is no slouch
2. FC Dallas Premier - 3, Dallas Texans - 0
FC Dallas Premier is a solid team and probably a top 5 finisher
3. Sting Gutierrez - 4, Sting Hilton - 0
It's going to be fun watching Solar (FKA FC Dallas Gold) & Sting (G) compete for the top spot. Sting (G) is really, really good and from some that have seen both since the merger, they would pick Sting (G) to win it all this year. Sting Hilton is a really good squad and still may struggle to finish in the top 5 in a very difficult division
4. Solar Chelsea (FKA FC Dallas Gold) - 11, Liverpool Keegan - 0
Maybe losing the vast majority of your team and staying in DI was not the best plan
5. Dallas Texans South - 1, Cosmos - 1
A little surprising, I would have picked DT South but Cosmos is getting better and better

1. Liverpool (Rush) - 1, FC Dallas Blue - 1
I think FC Dallas Blue picked up some help, if not, kudos to those girls and the coach for making tons of progress. LP (Rush) vs. DIII FC Dallas Blue, I would have predicted LP - 3, FC Dallas Blue - 0. Going to be interesting to see how FC Dallas Blue fares the remainder of the season.
2. FTW Black - 2, Triumph - 0
I didn't see this game but my guess it was all about speed.
3. Andromeda - 0, Sting Flanagan - 1
No surprise here.
4. D'Feeters - 1, Dallas Texans (FKA Sting West) - 0
same result as last time.
5. FC Dallas Red - 3, Liverpool (Barnes) - 0
FC Dallas Red to vie for the top spot? Nice result for FC Dallas Red considering last time it was 4-1 LP Barnes.

1. Warriors - 0, Sting Sanchez - 3
Is Sting Sanchez going to threaten for the DIII title as predicted by some?
2. Mutiny - 2, Texas Lightening - 0
Respectable result for Lightening vs. the DIII top scorer in 2013-14
3. Odyssey - 0, Sparta - 3
Is Sparta going to duke it out with Sting Sanchez for the title?
4. Solar Chelsea Royal - 0, Mustangs - 1
Surprising result.
5. Solar Chelsea (FKA Dallas Rush) - 0, Sting Scaife - 2
Dallas Rush won this game 2-0 last season. Rumor has it Solar utilized the club player pass.

Please know I mean absolutely no disrespect to any of the teams. All the girls work really hard and I wish all the teams the best of luck. 1 game does not a season make. This is going to be a really fun U12 season.

TxSoccer Poster
TxSoccer Poster

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Teams on the Rise

Post by CommodoreMS on 26/08/14, 09:36 pm

Good analysis by Speedkills. A few additional thoughts:

1. Nobody will touch Sting (G). AG is a great coach who will get everything she can out of a very talented team. I can't find any weaknesses.
2. D'Feeters now have a solid coach. This team's stock is on the rise. I see many post game ice celebrations in their future.
3. Speedkills should love Sting Skaife. Skaife has speed all over the field. This is a team of great athletes that has come a long way in a year. If the core of this team sticks together they will be really fun to watch in a few years.

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