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PPL League and Relegation

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PPL League and Relegation

Post by BigEnchilada on 28/09/14, 06:50 pm

Being that PPL decided to make 5 divisions with this many teams
D1 = 9
D2 = 9
D3 = 9
D4 = 10
D5 = 5

(Kinda stupid since they didn't let anyone qualify for d1 and shoulda been)
D1 = 11
D2 = 11
D3 = 10
D4 = 10

And seeing that D1 and D2 have only 3 or 4 games left (8 games) to complete 1st half of season (and was kinda short season for the money) thoughts on whether any teams will be moved down or up between D1 and D2?

D1 - Seems to me WFXP and GSSC are struggling with a combined 2 goals for and 15 against. Understand there is still time to stop the bleeding with less than half games played but I don't see it getting better for either. The top 4 will continue to dominate the rest.

D2 -  With 1 more win next week vs Thunder, the Ladies are looking pretty good to finish the first half on top of D2 (the lower half of D1). Gremio clearly dominated and served up Thunder this weekend reminding all why they finished 1st last season.

Next weekend will be the Ladies vs Thunder, (D2 game of the Week). The Ladies should expect a Thunder team on the rebound for the beating they took vs Gremio. Should the Ladies win, Gremio should finish a close 2 and Thunder will have to fight with FMU for 3rd.

Disappointed so far with the lower D1 teams that became D2 as they have not been showing well vs D2 teams currently 4,5,7, and 9. Take the top D2 teams and move them up to D1 to make the competition better. At least well know whether the top 4 D1 teams defenses are as good as they look vs teams (the top D2 teams) which all appear to be able to put the ball in the net and show double digit goals for.
TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: PPL League and Relegation

Post by Guest on 29/09/14, 09:07 am

Pretty big difference between the top four in each Division and the rest the way it's shaping up.

In D1 - 9 goals combined from teams 5-9 (wow) across 17 games. Biggest surprise to me is LP Shankly. Lots of goals given up and they looked to be improving coming out of the summer. GSSC Thunder Black looks like a completely re-tooled team, so they may be getting used to some new faces. WF Xpress was near the bottom of D1 last year, so no surprise there. FC Dallas East Red seems to run hot and cold and it looks like NTFC is having trouble finding the net. I would like to see how the Lady Aztecs do against some of the D1 teams since they didn't get their shot last year. Not many of the D1 teams play as physical a game as the Lady Aztecs do. Not sure they are good enough to challenge the top 4, but they could make some noise.

In D2 - Some of those teams who were in D1 last year are completely different teams this year from the looks of it. Some new coaches, new players, especially outside of the top 4 from what I've seen. Nice win for the Lady Aztecs Saturday (3-2) over FM United. I think that's the first time they'd beaten them. Took care of business and held onto the top spot. IMO, Aztecs are a better team than Thunder and should win that one coming up. Should be a battle between Gremio, FMU, and Thunder to see who ends up at #2 - 4. FMU vs. Gremio later will be a big one considering FMU's 2 losses are to Thunder and Lady Aztecs by one goal in each and Gremio's only loss was to the Lady Aztecs.

Seems like the top 4 teams are very close in each division.


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Re: PPL League and Relegation

Post by BigEnchilada on 18/10/14, 09:16 am

Final Standings and Relegation - Prediction

D1 Final Standings
1. Evo (21pts)
2. Garrett (17pts) will take 2nd on goals for
3. Andro will (17pts)
4. Dunstan (16pts)

Relegated to D2
FCDE or NTF (will come down to goals for; NTFC may squeak bye unless FCDE can pass them on GF)
GSSC obviously

D2 Final Standings
1. Gremio (21pts)
2. Lady Aztecs (20pts)
3. Thunder (15pts)
4. FMU (15pts) I don't think they can get 5 goals in the next 2 games to beat Thunder's GF)

Relegated to D1
Lady Aztecs
TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: PPL League and Relegation

Post by Guest on 18/10/14, 07:10 pm

Man, PPL needs to get their coaches to report scores.

Who won:
Sting East vs. NTFC
FCD Red vs. WF Express

Lady Aztecs vs. LP Callaghan
FCD North vs. Xtreme

Anyone know the scores?


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Re: PPL League and Relegation

Post by sotr on 18/10/14, 07:21 pm

Lady Aztecs (0) vs. LP Callaghan (0)

TxSoccer Lurker
TxSoccer Lurker

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Re: PPL League and Relegation

Post by IAmSoccerfan on 20/10/14, 10:13 am

Sting Garrett and Andro Red play this coming Saturday so they can't both finish with 17 pts. Winner finishes 2nd and a tie drops them below Dunstan at 15 pts. Should be a good game.

TxSoccer Poster
TxSoccer Poster

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Re: PPL League and Relegation

Post by Guest on 20/10/14, 04:21 pm

Yeah, it's a toss-up in D1 to see who finishes 2nd to Evo at the break. I might give the edge to Andro Red in that one. Surprised by GSSC Thunder Black. Not really surprised at the top 4 teams in D1. Biggest surprises to me are FCD East Red and GSSC Thunder Black. They seem to have taken a step back this year. GSSCTB is relegated for sure and I think FCD East Red joins them in D2

In D2 it could get crazy this last week as no one has the top spot locked up (Gremio can do no worse than 2nd). Gremio has the easiest path playing last place Xtreme and should pick up 3 points to lock up 1st place. Lady Aztecs may have their hands full with Texas Spirit. Spirit are an improved team. FMU's defense should give them the edge over LP Callaghan. Lots of scenarios in play. If Gremio loses and Lady Aztecs win, Lady Aztecs take 1st. If Gremio wins and Lady Aztecs lose, FMU could take 2nd with a win.

I would expect things to finish this way in D2:

Gremio USA 19 pts
Lady Aztecs 18 pts
FM United FC 16 pts

Still a game to post from Saturday's results, but it looks like FCD North and Xtreme are already locked in for relegation to D3.

Will be interesting to see how Andro Blue and Sting North fare in D2. I could see Andro Blue joining FMU and Texas Thunder in competing for the top spot in the spring.


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