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Re: Congratulations

Post by Adrenalinetx on 17/08/15, 10:05 pm

afro bom

TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: Congratulations

Post by Adrenalinetx on 17/08/15, 10:16 pm

I do wanna say one thing. Most team picked up about 4-5 player specially going to 18 player for the upcoming season. So really I don't see or hear other teams saying anything about that or this. However I will say it again hopkins to get a player from PPL she must be a track star that will be used to try and slow down top notch fowards like the one from Ohio!

TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: Congratulations

Post by Highburystadiumforever on 17/08/15, 10:36 pm

Oh my, 6 different points and this is the one that got attention. Okay, I'll bite since I owned it the second time around. Haven't most teams played a warm-up tourney with their new players? Why should Solar Chelsea be denigrated for winning the tourney they chose? We'll all fight it out soon enough in LH. Beyond that, I think she is a track star. She is being recruited for her high school team as a 7th-grader. But wait, your thesis doesn't hold....she doesn't play defense. So the fact that Solar Chelsea plays teams from all over the US, and typically represents NTX well, doesn't mean that they bring on a player to defend against a specific player from Cincinnati. Looks like Hopkins does develop players after all.
TxSoccer Lurker
TxSoccer Lurker

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Re: Congratulations

Post by soccerjack on 17/08/15, 10:38 pm

InaB wrote:I wish I knew the name of one ref from last season. He was so on top of trash talking between two teams that played before we did. He not only cautioned the parents but he stopped the game several times to admonish the girls. (I believe they were 98s.) When he told two opponents to shake hands after practically wrestling each other to the ground, one put out her hand and the other refused and rolled her eyes at him. She got a yellow card. He then asked them again to shake hands. The girls did, but the one did it grudgingly. In the last few minutes of the game that same girl dropped the F bomb and knocked a girl down when the girl got by her and scored. When she got a red card, she cursed at the ref. The ref told the coach to take her off the field or he would have to leave the game. The coach was not happy, but he took the girl off the field. The parents, in the meantime, were cursing out the ref. The coach yelled at them to get their daughter and leave the game.

This was almost the worst I have ever seen, but it was second to a game year before last when the ref threw out all of the parents of one team for their behavior.

Ah, the quiet, serene game of soccer!

This should happen more often. The reality is what we are watching more often than not, is not soccer and is not acceptable for kids not even in hs. It's allowed because too many parents don't have an ounce of sense when it comes to soccer. There are very few kids at this age that anyone could say will be a superstar in 5 yrs. the kid that hit puberty at 10 will be bigger and faster now...but odds are others will catch her. Shame on the parents that lose their dignity over 11-12 yr old soccer. Their child will be the one that pays the price for their insecure arrogance.
TxSoccer Author
TxSoccer Author

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Re: Congratulations

Post by InaB on 17/08/15, 10:51 pm

Yep, that about sums it all up
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