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FBR 07G November 16th 2015

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FBR 07G November 16th 2015

Post by FBR07G on Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:02 pm

Current Rankings ONLY include game results from 07/01/2015 through Present Date.

Only full sided outdoor games against 07s will count for rankings, minimum 3 games.

FBR07G is publishing these rankings and maintaining the data.  The ranking methods, criteria, and formulas are all 100% the same as BWG's rankings in prior age groups.

The data has been collected for this age group for over a year and have consulted with BW Gophers over the year for tiers and weights and general review of data.  The goal of this FBR is to provide a data driven unbiased look at the teams as they relate to each other.  Please keep in mind that this is a body of work that is published.  Because team A beat team B last week does not automatically mean team A is ranked higher than team B.  New games carry the same weight as old games.  

**Note:  Since last ranking, BW Gophers reviewed all the data and restructured the tiers, so many teams moved tiers, and thus some movement in the rankings.  NTFC also caused some teams to move a bit.  Thanks BW for the help!!  Remember, it's not what tier your team is in, it's what tier your opponents are in that drive the rankings.

AP:  Please note, if you request your team to be listed as an AP team, it is expected that the team will only be 07s and younger, otherwise your team won't be listed as AP.  If your 07 team has decided to split into a 06AP and/or 07AP team please let me know and I will remove your original 07 team from the rankings and once the AP team has 3 games in they will be included instead.   (The games played with the original 07 team will be in the data until the games drop off, but the team name will be removed from the published rankings list.  )  If you are ranked with 06s, then I will not include in 07 rankings.  There currently are no AP teams in the rankings, but there may be shortly.

*:  Please note Kicks Santos is a combo team, much like the LP teams from last year.  The '*' designates this is not a complete team by itself.

FBR07G - email scores to
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TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: FBR 07G November 16th 2015

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:56 pm

Thanks FBR07. Per your post, can you please label Solar Red 07- Colvin AP going forward. We have been playing several weeks now AP, with the exception of keeper.

Beginning in this weekends LCC tournament and moving forward we will be playing fully age pure, using field players in keeper-until we can find an AP 07 keeper Very Happy Thanks.


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