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FBR 08G October 18th, 2016 Pixel
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FBR 08G October 18th, 2016

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FBR 08G October 18th, 2016 Empty FBR 08G October 18th, 2016

Post by FBR08G on 18/10/16, 11:07 am

Current Rankings ONLY include game results from 6/15/2016 through Present Date.  There are no fall games posted yet as many teams don't yet have 3 games.  Next FBR will be posted once most team have 3 league games.  Once the season is underway the plan is to update FBR biweekly. Games recorded as W-L-T.  

Only full sided outdoor games played in 08 divisions against 08s will count for rankings.  

Results from playing in development leagues are not be considered.  

FBR08G is publishing these rankings and maintaining the data.  The criteria and formulas are all 100% the same as BWG's rankings in prior age groups.  Games from development leagues will not be included in the rankings.  Games won in extra time will be recorded as a win and not a tie.  

The data has been collected for this age group for 2 years and have consulted with BW Gophers for tiers and weights and general review of data.  The goal of this FBR is to provide a data driven unbiased look at the teams as they relate to each other.

Please keep in mind that this is a body of work that is published.  Because team A beat team B last week does not automatically mean team A is ranked higher than team B.  New games carry the same weight as old games.  

If your team is not included you can pm me and let me know where they are playing. Minimum of 3 games against 08 teams to be included in the rankings. If your win/loss record does not look correct please refer to your got soccer account.  If scores are missing you can pm or email them to me.  These may not be updated yet.  Timely reporting of games scores to your respective leagues will provide the best data possible.

Please pm me if your listed team no longer exists or has changed clubs/names. If you believe there is an error please pm me.

FBR 08G October 18th, 2016 10_18_10
FBR 08G October 18th, 2016 Tvt_1010
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