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07' ODP

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Re: 07' ODP

Post by BigErn. on 30/09/17, 11:57 am

Nomansoccerdad wrote:It is so fun to read these posts and so obvious that the larger clubs use either troll posters or just coaches themselves that come in here and speak down upon ODP and then try to build up their own interests.  It's a chance for really good individual players to get very good training with other accelerated players that might just not live close enough to Frisco/Plano, or have the time and means to play for those $250 a month clubs, or might not have $1000 a month for traveling to tournaments and league play as some of those clubs will do when the kids get a year or two older.  For you folks that have kids that play Lake Highlands and also the JDL scrimmages (lol league!!!!) that's okay!  It's great competition and I'm sure all of the clubs did exactly what JDL was meant for which is to recruit players from each of their teams and make a couple of ultra select teams.  I'm sure they all did tryouts and all of your children paying those $3000 or so yearly fees received a fair chance to try out for JDL.  (Okay enough bashing I still support and like the idea)

ODP gives those kids a chance that want an additional challenge ... want to play with better talent ... and parents that want to meet parents from other teams a chance to do so.  

The practices were in Cedar Hill, not Corsicana.  Thanks trolls for again trying to run more folks off with your misleading information.  Also that complex was HUGE and the fields were in VERY nice condition giving the time of year.  It was only 15 miles farther than my house than the FC Dallas fields but I don't mind drivingthatvonce a month for a long training session of this caliber.

I know that my daughter had an absolute blast at the tryouts and I met some really nice parents.  I met parents from Solar, FC Dallas, Midland, Lubbock, Texans, Sting, and a bunch of other clubs and it was a real treat.

I agree the talent was all over the place when it came to skill level.  The top couple of teams they fielded looked good but yes their was one group 07s that was playing very good soccer.

The most important thing to me was that my daughter came home from school the other day and walked in and shouted for glee when she saw a congratulations balloon and a soccer balloon tied together she screamed for joy "I MADE IT?????  Did I really make ODP????"

Folks that's what it's all about ...  these are 10 year old kids.

Lastly to the mother I met whose daughter played for Mr. Colvin's team ... it was a real pleasure talking to you.   I have met some parents from larger clubs that often scared me in the past but ma'am your personality was a real charm!!  I hope your daughter made it also and I look forward to seeing you again at the workouts.

Thank you for the post good sir. I am not a troll, I just know that ODP stinks and DA clubs rock. You should probably focus on playing JDL if you want your dd to play DA.

TxSoccer Poster
TxSoccer Poster

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Re: 07' ODP

Post by Medicine Man on 30/09/17, 01:35 pm

BigE I expected better from you....You fall into the troll category

Pay to play isn't picky if you have cash money! There's always more spots to fill in the ponzi scheme. The layers keep expanding and the facts get skewed.

Watch "[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Hallelujah - Pentatonix" on YouTube
Medicine Man
TxSoccer Author
TxSoccer Author

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Re: 07' ODP

Post by Nomansoccerdad on 02/10/17, 04:28 pm


Enlighten me a bit more on why you think JDL is the best path to DA Acadamy. I guess I thought ECNL was the way to go when they get to that age but this is my first at this skill level so I am all ears on someone who has been through it before.

Keep in mind that we live in South Denton. We are 20 minutes from Railroad Park and 45 from the Frisco Toyota complex, 40 to UTD and also the Plano Pit.

I am mostly interested in which club and coach you wouldn recommend and why. Also I'd surely like to know what it costs in real money (approximate #s is more than fine).

If you don't want to give specific information to protect your identity fully understood. Our family is not poor but if at some point it's going to cost us a median FRISCO home mortgage payment each month for her to play at a certain level then we may have to rethink a few things!

Lastly thank you and Medicine Man for taking the time to read the post and respond. Some of the "Mutated Trolls" on the 07 D1 Classic are off the wall with their commentary. Some funny and some ultra clueless guys over there!

TxSoccer Lurker
TxSoccer Lurker

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Re: 07' ODP

Post by Nomansoccerdad on 02/10/17, 04:30 pm

Oh and apparently Rowlett is an actual city??? I thought that was a women's designer boot and country clothing store.

07 ODP practice is there this weekend ... not Cedar Hill!

TxSoccer Lurker
TxSoccer Lurker

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