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ODP question

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Re: ODP question

Post by dfwsoccerdad on 22/05/18, 11:00 am

I think that it is generally accepted that DA is now superior to ODP. ODP should probably be renamed since most of the National Team comes from DA.

TxSoccer Lurker
TxSoccer Lurker

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Depends what you want

Post by soccerdadof3tx on 02/08/18, 04:14 pm

My Son (Son Plays PPL) and Daughter (Plays DA 2) play for the North Texas ODP Teams. So here is my 2 cents.

DA Coaches- DA teams often have 5 to 8 coaches on one team. They have better access to trainers and support staff. DA is extremely picky on the player they take. A DA player can't play school sports. Training is intense and very good.

ODP- Each team has 1 to 2 Coaches. They are often club coaches or high school coaches. IN an ODP practice they are generally teaching a few skills and a lot of time on tactics and Soccer IQ. The practices are no were near what an DA Practice. There are 3 different pool levels.

North Texas Pool Players- When the north Texas Teams play a Tournament they pick the players they want to take.
Regional Pool Players- If you player is good enough to get invited to a Regional Camp they have a chance to earn a spot on a Regional Team. So for north Texas this is Region III South Region- States are Oklahoma, Taxes, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.
National Team Pool- These are the best players from the Regional Pool Teams.

Practice Locations are determined by the size of the pool team and the coach. My Daughter practices in Fort Worth where the Coach is the Head Coach for a school. My son practices out at his coach's school as well.

ODP's cost can add up quickly. The cost can added up quickly with the program. ODP really has built my daughters confident to try out for better teams.

In North Texas ODP doesn't really have a good standing with parents and club coaches. But College Coaches know and like ODP players, a fact we have been told many times when talking to recruiters. It is something to help players look different and stand apart. Because of ODP my daughter has had some coaches reach out solely due to her ODP. IN other areas on the Country being on an ODP team is a big deal and carries a lot of weight with recruiters. My family's approach is it is just a another resume builder for a player.

At the end of the day my kids only do ODP because they enjoy the practices, the kids the meet, the coaching Environment, and it helps them reach their end goals of playing in college or maybe higher.

TxSoccer Lurker
TxSoccer Lurker

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