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Coaching Style?

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Coaching Style?

Post by new2soccr on 29/05/18, 12:01 pm

What is the typical game playing style of most coaches? Utilize your wings or play it down the center? How do most college teams play or what style do they look for players to know when looking at prospective talent? Does your team play the long ball, short passes, or something different? Curious to know compared to what we have experienced. Worried that my soccer player might be getting trained or habit formed into playing a way most may not.

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Re: Coaching Style?

Post by AYSESPT on 29/05/18, 01:26 pm

I would say the typical playing style is very different across all levels. There are some possession based college teams, some play direct, and its the same at youth level here in NTX.

A 'possession style' of play I believe is necessary for youth players because players can only develop as an individual when they are comfortable with the ball at their feet. That doesn't mean always short passes. Long balls are fine if there is a purpose behind it. Theres a big difference between just booting the ball up the field every single time and hoping for the best and playing a measured long ball behind the defenders. Whether or not they are asked to attack down the wings or the center doesn't really matter. There are also times that over passing can be a negative thing for your player. We have got so concerned about keeping possession that players are taught to be safe and play quick, and not to take risks and dribble. So a lot to think about! Its more about making the right decision at the right time. And you need a coach that teaches that.

The number of coaches coaching a possession style of play has improved significantly over the last 5 years which is a good thing. We still have way too many coaches that are stealing a living that are not concerned about individual player development. Coaches say the right things, but ultimately how their teams play in games and the manner of how they give the instruction is what matters the most. Thats who your coach truly is.

The bad habits that players pick up come from not being taught to be comfortable with the ball. Do the teams practice sessions involve a lot of moving, small sided games, and drills that involve a lot of touching the ball or do the sessions involve a lot of standing around doing team drills with only one ball? At the end of the day college coaches dont really care about what style your club team plays, they dont care which league your daughter played in when she was U16. they just want good players with good technical ability and 2003 girls are still at the stage where technical ability and decision making should be number 1 priority.

So, my advice is if you are on a team right now and your daughter is being taught to play in a positive environment by a coach that is teaching her to work hard and make good decisions and they try to keep possession of the ball, rather than playing a very direct boot it up the field style of play. Then you are in a good spot.

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Re: Coaching Style?

Post by TxFutbal on 29/05/18, 01:47 pm

Good post ^. Game decision management and the ability for a player to see past the immediate skill/pass at hand is what you should be looking for. My DD in the '05s is learning now when she should dribble, when she should play out of a trap, when she should 1 touch, when she should give/go, overlap, and how to think about next three plays before she decides what to do with or without the ball. The best funniest conversations/looks happen when the coach tells her "You should dribble that" or "You should pass that". During the season she actually stopped on the field while play was happening and said "You are driving me crazy.. Do I dribble or pass?" And the coach in she/he sarcastic way said "Yes..and you will know when you did it the right way when you don't have to think about which way is the right way".. She looked at him and said.. "Then why do I need a coach if I have to do all the thinking?" Freakin hilarious...Gotta love 13 yr old girls.

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