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Open Tryouts

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Re: Open Tryouts

Post by FroZone on 14/06/18, 08:25 am

Zizou wrote:What you would find is a lot of parents would choose path one holding on to a chance that little suzzie could be a super star. Slot two would disappear for the same reason. My DD although in second division can compete at the top. Third one has a chance, but any signs of success and the parents will be looking to move up. A lot of times it not the system that is the problem. Change the parent and some times the player and your idea would work.

Great insight Zizou. Just imagine if you had taken your own advice.

TxSoccer Poster
TxSoccer Poster

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Re: Open Tryouts

Post by Zizou on 14/06/18, 08:41 am

I will take that we have made a great decision. Not playing for a club and coach that condone abbussive behavior torwards young ladies as parents like you sit on the sidelines and allow it to continue.

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Re: Open Tryouts

Post by DeltaTauChi on 14/06/18, 08:45 am

TxFutbal wrote:Very true Zizuo..  I have a proposed solution to this one..

1.  At tier 1. Tryouts will weed out 80% of the over zealous parents cuz coaches won't be able to pad the pocket book with bench players due to player development performance criteria in their contract.
2.  At tier 1 Kids contracts have performance clause that if they don't reach certain % of playing time, they relegate down until they are able to perform their contract.
3.  Tier 3 to tier 2 is an easy one.  Players will know when it's time to move up and we have a normal tryout process for that.  Parents will understand there is a definite change in culture where  the focus is on team development and player takes ownership of individual development.
4.  Tier 2 to Tier 1 will be the hardest transition as it should rightfully be.  Tier 1 is top 1-2% and it should be hard and only for the most dedicated/talented kids.  

Right now coaches/club sell the dream that every kid could be in the top 1-2% because they have to maximize revenue/profits.  Coaches/clubs would certainly act differently towards the kids they offer spots to at the highest levels if there were equal accountability/performance metrics.  Kids who are not ready for the jump to the highest level would not be offered spots.  Parents would get a big dose of reality when a coach/club tells a player she is not ready and I can't take your money to give you a spot to develop because I can't hit my performance metrics and keep my job with you on my roster.

Great Utopian concept TxF, but there are 2 main problems:

1) You have no way of mandating it. You'd have to get USSF and the NCAA to agree that they will only take players who advance through a "certified" club system. Don't see the NCAA agreeing to that, and those coaches will go out and find the talent wherever they can, to win and keep their jobs. All you would need is an entity like ECNL with enough money to say screw USSF, we're going to do all of this on our own, and have them produce enough NCAA level talent, to blow up your system and all of its regulations and restrictions on coaches, players, and parents.

2) Over regulate and over-mandate the soccer system, and you will drive many of the better athletes to other sports like volleyball, basketball, softball, lacrosse, etc. that don't have similar over-regulated systems.

Bluto's right.  Psychotic, but absolutely right.
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Re: Open Tryouts

Post by captainhowdy on 20/06/18, 10:00 am

A word of advice to parents and players who are currently trying out for FC Dallas teams and are being sold the possibility of playing for higher tier teams in the club by the coach. Some FC Dallas coaches claim the only way you can play for FC Dallas Academy Teams and FC Dallas Premier Teams is to join one of their clubs first, because you have to be a part of the system. All they are doing is taking your money because FC Dallas is currently giving positions on the Premier Team and Academy Teams to non FC Dallas players over current FC Dallas players. It would be better for the coach to be honest with players and coaches in the beginning and let them know if they have the talent for these teams, but I guess that would cut into their profits.

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