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NPL National Premier League- what is it?

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Re: NPL National Premier League- what is it?

Post by DDdadof1 on 27/08/18, 08:34 am

Delta, you've now mentioned you don't like NPL, PPL, TCL, FDL and ECRL. What is it you do like?

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TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: NPL National Premier League- what is it?

Post by DeltaTauChi on 27/08/18, 11:21 am

DDdadof1 wrote:Delta, you've now mentioned you don't like NPL, PPL, TCL, FDL and ECRL. What is it you do like?

Where have I ever said that I don't like PPL? I've busted chops for FCD having close to 1/2 their teams in PPL and the parents who pay FCD prices to play in PPL, but I've never said that I don't like PPL. Lot's of kids enjoying competitive soccer in PPL, which is a well run league, and many of them doing so at lower cost than LH, ECNL, or DA. PPL serves it's purpose and it serves it well from what I've seen.

I do think NPL and TCL (the "Champions" version, not the "Club" version) are wastes of money, and therefore don't like them. IMO, much better off staying in LH and playing showcases.

Jury is out on FDL and ECRL. I've stated multiple times on here, that if FDL and ECRL can make good on their promise of playing matches alongside of DA and ECNL which results in college coach traffic and exposure, then FDL and ECRL may provide the value that TCL promised, but never delivered on. However, if it turns out FDL and ECRL can't deliver on that, then just like with TCL, all you are doing is paying extra money for travel to play similar competition to what you could get staying local and playing in LH,

So, to summarize, I like PPL (and APL for that matter). I like LH. I like ECNL & DA (although I think NTX families would be better served with 2 DA ONLY and 2-3 ECNL ONLY clubs, instead of clubs trying to do both).

I think NPL and TCL are/were wastes of money. FDL and ECRL - Jury is out, come back and talk to me 12 months from now on these leagues.

Bluto's right.  Psychotic, but absolutely right.
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TxSoccer Postmaster

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Re: NPL National Premier League- what is it?

Post by CBTeamworks on 27/08/18, 11:43 am

There are knocks that can be made of every league.

LH is club driven. Rules are set up by the big clubs to advantage the big clubs (byes and player pass).

PPL has more strict roster rules but they spent two years of throwing away promotion and relegation after age pure by making both years a qualifying regular season instead of simply playing a QT to rank teams. That threw away all the efftort of the teams that worked hard up till then. These years were spent playing incredible disparate levels of teams D1 playing D4 on a regular basis. No balanced schedules from one jumbo division to the other. A complete waste of time that served no one.
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