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How are coaches assessing player development?

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Re: How are coaches assessing player development?

Post by nthudl on 13/07/18, 09:12 am

For Fuchs Sake wrote:So funny this was mentioned.  There was a certain group of coaches that offered a camp/trainings where the kids would get evaluated and the coaches would tell the parents things good at and things they needed to work on..ask those parents if they ever got anything?  Fraud and beyond that stealing money.  What licensing does coach have?  How they are qualified to evaluate?  Scamming people....

In steps using video to hold them accountable. A coach having a license doesn't mean they are a good coach. The US Licensing system is expensive. On the flip side, someone that is able to invest in their coaching education or finds ways to continue their coaching education says a lot about that coach.

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TxSoccer Lurker

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Re: How are coaches assessing player development?

Post by Lefty on 13/07/18, 09:22 am

Big Ern wrote:
Lefty wrote:
Big Ern wrote:
brazos wrote:You left out "Parent's net worth"

I'd (sorry Goose ... We'd) love to hear your explanation as to how a "parent's net worth" has anything to do with player development assessment and placement.

And Lefty -- C'mon now son ... We all expect a bit better outta you Wink

Be careful what you ask for.  

Seen more then a couple cases over the years where a marginal player is placed on a team they can not contribute to, in a competitive game, and their parents scholarship a key player.  Sometimes the key player is an existing one, or in some cases a new player the team.  

Usually does not work out well in the long run, but it does not stop coaches trying to climb the ladder from trying it.

Gotcha Lefty --

But seems there may be some confusion regarding what you think I was "asking" for ...

Agreed that this might happen sporadically here and there.  Might've even happened at one of your kid's teams over the years, but I can attest that it doesn't happen all that often (if at all) at the highest levels.  Those coaches tend to play players that win them championships (maybe due to the lack of rungs left in the ladder?) ... But what do I know?

Agree that it does not happen very often, if at all, at the top rungs of the ladder with teams playing for meaningful championships but the vast majority of players and coaches are not involved with those teams.  

To use your term, the situation of teams/coaches playing for meaningful championships is more the exception to the norm or sporadic among the 100's or 1000's of teams/coaches in NTX.

Would think the situation of NTX teams/coaches playing for meaningful championships each year is as sporadic, if not more sporadic, than the number coaches/teams that may be using parents to scholarship key players, and players are more likely to experience that situation than playing for a meaningful championship.  But what do I know.

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Re: How are coaches assessing player development?

Post by BENDMEOVER on 12/08/18, 05:38 pm

That's the million dollar question. I am still trying to figure that one out.

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Re: How are coaches assessing player development?

Post by Checkpoint Charlie on 12/08/18, 10:23 pm

Checkpoint Charlie
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Re: How are coaches assessing player development?

Post by Foxysoccermom on 12/08/18, 10:31 pm

Bigego is like the poster child for all that is wrong with select soccer and he doesn't even know it. That's what makes it so great.
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