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Systems and Tactics-How to create a soccer system? Pixel
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Systems and Tactics-How to create a soccer system?

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Systems and Tactics-How to create a soccer system? Empty Systems and Tactics-How to create a soccer system?

Post by Coach Chris 25/04/16, 11:12 am

Coaches Blog:
What's the best way to figure out how a professional team plays?

That is a good question. Every coach
wants to have a system of play for their own team.
Why not model it after your favorite team? Tactics
and a soccer system should relate to the players
at your disposal. For example, you can not have a system
designed around quick counter-attack if you do not
have quick players. That being said, everyone can
learn systems that have to rely on technical ability.
Every player has the opportunity to learn that, and
as a coach you can develop that. Now, the first step
would be to decide how you want your team to play.
Which professional team does that most resemble? If you
have the ability to record their game, then I highly
suggest that. If not, that is ok. Now, watch the
game and analyze, but do it in a different way. Most
people watch the game, and watch both teams, or
whoever has the ball. Have you ever watched a game and
only watched one team on offense and defense? Seems strange.
It is actually pretty easy! If you are watching Manchester
United Red, only watch their players. Your eyes will
automatically block out the other players. Then you begin.
Watch their movement.Diagnose the different areas of their play.
How they defend, how they shift, how they transition, their offensive build up,
what they do when the first attack breaks down, and what
they do after the win the ball back. You can also
break down their set plays, if they change their tactics based
on how the other team is playing. For example,
if they have a really strong forward, or if they are defending
really deep, and making it hard to break down. This a great
exercise to do for a coach or just for fun to really
get into the minds of your favorite team!
If you have any soccer questions, feel free to message
Coach Chris, and you may be the next Coaches Blog Topic!

Coach Chris
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