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Post by Guest 01/12/16, 09:57 am


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N. J. Empty Re: N. J.

Post by NoSpinZone 01/12/16, 01:27 pm

UAL says:

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TxSoccer Postmaster

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N. J. Empty Re: N. J.

Post by impact05b 14/12/16, 01:27 am

Here's what I know - She built CFBAL Academy from Nothing - "THEN" Put EAL out of business! (anyone remember them?) She continued her hard work and continued to build CFBAL more then she put SDL out of business! Customer service and taking care of us coaches made all the difference! UAL was dying as well and somehow got CFBAL to merge with them because they were on their way down as well.  As I understand it, the various associations wouldn't cooperate among themselves and wouldn't give her field space when needed which is why the bulk of the games ended up at Cox fields & McInnish. She worked her ass off and the associations watched from the sideline and started bickering over whether they wanted more "pie" while making field availability almost impossible.  Enter the PIT - 1st year out of the box and they needed a great hire - "Nicole". She'll make that work great because I hear they own the fields & indoor facilities - No more bickering......  UAL panics after their notice that she went to the PIT and called their meetings - They gave CFBSA an ultimatum that if they did NOT terminate her contracts that CFBSA would be kicked out of UAL.  Nicole never quit CFBSA scheduling or registration but due to the UAL ultimatum to CFBSA, they terminated her contracts without notice. ( I also hear she can still do team registration - I'll be doing all 6 of my teams with her)  I do know that there is NO-ONE who can do what Nicole does as well as she does. I know she is the only person I ever received confirmation emails at 3:30AM - Got all my team conflicts taken care of up front and then saw her out on the fields saying "Hello" or reffing...........  How can you argue with that?  I've had time to think about this and in the end, UAL is dead or dying (Like stage 5 cancer).  Primetime? well! we'll see but Dominick is working hard. Hard work, dedication to her teams and her availability just makes me think this is a no-brainer! "Where-ever Nicole James is! IS where I'm Playing my teams" cheers

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TxSoccer Poster

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N. J. Empty Re: N. J.

Post by dadof3 14/12/16, 08:35 am

My kids are mostly out of that soup, but when they were playing in leagues that she was a part of and ones that she wasn't, I could tell a difference. I agree with the sentiments above. She isn't perfect, but she does believe in customer service. If she has to tell you no, she has a reason and will explain it to you. There are some around who have forgotten that kindness and effort count. My bet is that she makes the experience there better. Dom has moved that direction over the years, so his leagues/tournaments will improve as well. The freeze out from other leagues/associations should start to lessen as most of those tournaments start to seem less appealing. You can see that in many of the tourney fields locally now. I know that the teams I am affiliated with always look at TDs before we ever register. That person makes or breaks the experience. They can't always make it perfect, but the effort or lack thereof is noted by decision makers, and their willingness to find solutions and communicate effectively is paramount.
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