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Playing Styles

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Playing Styles Empty Playing Styles

Post by Guest 12/12/18, 12:50 pm

After the hiring of Gregg Berhalter as the USMNT Coach, I began to think about how his preferred playing style seems to be in contrast to that of Tab Ramos (U.S. Soccer Youth Technical Director).  Thus, arguably, you would have the youth national teams being forced to play and learn a playing style that is different than the USMNT.  Based on Tab's consideration for the FC Dallas (which is apparently now going to Luchi Gonzalez), it would appear that Tab will probably leave as the Technical Director, which would make sense based on the differing styles of play.  If he does not leave, does that make sense?  Wouldn't you want your USMNT Coach and Technical Director on the same page?  Regardless, that made me think about whether FC Dallas, Texans, or Solar (local DA clubs) had a club style of play or if each DA team had their own style of play based on their coach.  Does anyone have thoughts on this?  (I really do not know; the closest my nephews will ever get to playing DA is if we drive by the FC Dallas fields while the DA teams are playing.)  

  Also, I know things are fluid, and Gregg might not be the USMNT Coach in four years.  Nonetheless, if your goal was to play on a national team, wouldn't you want to play for a team that played that style of soccer?  Thus, if the local DA clubs do have differing styles of play, are you better of playing for one of the local DA clubs that  focuses on that style over another even if the other DA club is more successful?  (Just pondering wasteful stuff instead of working to put food on the table for my nephews.)

(After thinking about my original post, I realized that it was more focused on the boys side of things. That was not my intention. My apologies. I know that the USWNT is looking for a new technical director but will probably not appoint one until the selection of a General Manager for the USWNT. Regardless, I think the same questions apply.)


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Playing Styles Empty Re: Playing Styles

Post by davito 12/12/18, 08:20 pm

Unc, I’ll have a go. From my experience of boys DA the teams have a lot in common. Mostly 433 being played and building out the back. Some teams better at it than others. Some more dedicated to it than others. Houston Dynamo for example very dedicated to passing out. Mostly everyone high presses. Not a lot of sitting back compact. FC Dallas do a particularly good job with their high press.

Of the local three I don’t think there are huge variations in style but differing levels of execution and minor differences in emphasis. It is not like one team is playing direct and another tiki taka.

Regarding the National team I think the DA is trying to develop skilled players on the assumption that the national team will not just be lumping it forward and if they are it will will be better with skilled BSFs than unskilled BSFs.

Players will always have inherent skill sets that are more suited to certain details of a coach’s style. Some want a 9 to hold up ball. Others want a speedy 9 to get in behind. Hopefully one day the National team coach will have lots of great players to choose from.
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