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Just some thought....Former DD Lake Highlands player Pixel
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Just some thought....Former DD Lake Highlands player

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Just some thought....Former DD Lake Highlands player Empty Just some thought....Former DD Lake Highlands player

Post by docsinit4u 08/10/19, 11:23 am

I was Sitting at my office this morning reconfiguring my new laptop and when i went to saved websites and I saw the link from this site it brought back a flood of memories. Its been awhile since I have visited the forums so I thought what the heck. to my surprise I logged in and yep my password still works. Last previous login was: Your last visit was on Wed Jul 31, 2013 3:52 pm.. Wow!!! what a flood of memories as it has been 4 yrs since I was active on the boards, 4years since my DD played Lake Highland ball, 4 years since my families life revolved around soccer and travel, and if I want to be honest 4 years since the last of many trips to trainers, doctors, ER's, high dollar shoes, dues, arrogant and cocky coaches, parents fighting over time for their DD's time on the field, fundraisers, scorching Texas Heat, freezing ass games in OK, Colorado, and not to mention the money!! In saying I wouldn't change a thing except the way I thought of the sport, expectations specifically. See I like probably most of yall are thinking this could be a route for college for my daughter. Let me explain,, my daughter was successful, great grades, driven, and loved the sport. I put her in soccer at 4 yrs old and can vividly remember taking her very shy self to her 1st practice and having to stand w her on the field in position because she wanted to go home, after a few practices, a wonderful coach, and meeting a few friends she began to enjoy it and like everything else she desired to learn and become great at it.. There eventually became the time where we moved her to select and she still thrived, played on some awesome teams and acquired some life long friends. It started to look like, to me, that there was college potential. I think her sophomore year it was decided to play on a traveling team to get more exposure. Keep in mind during all this she was top in her class. This girl busted her ass and for basically 4 years it was soccer and then homework til 1 am everynight. I watched her and was proud. Then her High school team won State! Pride abound.. College coaches started calling, we visited several schools, she had a few offers at D2 & D3 schools. We came back from a visit right after she got her state ring and on the ride home I could tell something was bothering her so I asked what was wrong and she said dad I don't want to do this anymore... Pure devastation was the predominant feeling I had. I spent the remainder of that trip trying to convince her that it would help w college and her words to me that day I will never forget. She said dad I have awesome grades, I will get into a top tier school and not settle for a lower school and even if I play soccer what would I do with that after college. I want a career. She said Dad you've taught me that I can do anything I desire if I try hard enough and I want a career that will enable me to make good money and Im not hurt all the time. I have a state ring, i have the jacket, im done.. That was almost 5 years ago and yep i was devastated! you see my point is I was devastated not her. Sure I missed it, hell all of my friends were from the soccer community, my life was soccer and it took me a few months to realize... hey there is life after soccer. I couldn't be prouder of that girl.. She graduated w high honors from high school, received a 190K scholarship and will be graduating this year from an amazing college out east and already has numerous offers for her Masters degree.. She's happy, she will be gainfully employed and I would imagine in a few years will be doing considerably better than her Dad.. What else could a father ask for. She still calls me everyday and this is one kiddo i wont have to worry about!! So as stated earlier I wouldn't change a thing except for my attitude. The game gave her friendships, gave her the knowledge and ability to work as a team, gave her structure, exercise, and it kept her away from trouble because she didn't have time. my only regret is the last few years of her soccer I treated it as a job, a means to a goal, and not treated it as sport she enjoyed playing and loved. I don't know why I felt so inclined to come back and look at this board today but I hope my words can change the way some of you look at the sport. Thanks NTX Soccer for the ride, the memories and the great times and good luck to all of your DD's.

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