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Fees Fees... Empty Fees Fees...

Post by FCsoccer1 16/09/21, 09:39 am

Opening this topic for interest on finding out what is new. I recall not 10yrs ago the only fee we needed we pay was uniform and coach fees.

I have been surprise at the amount of stuff things have been thrown back to the parent and few back to the club.

to give you an example... I am seeing team equipment expenditure (bibs, cones, soccer balls, medical, fitness training, field fees) each year. Not of which are voted by the parents or noted at signing.

What things do you consider should not be paid by parents or by the club?
TxSoccer Postmaster
TxSoccer Postmaster

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Fees Fees... Empty Re: Fees Fees...

Post by AnonymousCoward 20/09/21, 01:33 pm

FCsoccer1 wrote:What things do you consider should not be paid by parents or by the club?

Are these not the same thing, just billed as a blanket fee?

Excluding travel costs, which are obviously inevitable, you can expect (wide ranges for obvious reasons):

  • $200-500: kit
  • $1000-$2500: club dues, includes coach pay
  • $500-$1500: team dues, includes leagues, rentals, coach travel exp, etc.
  • $0-150: silly raffle that allegedly goes to scholarship players but is probably just used as a slush fund / new car for the club directors

The "etc" in team dues would go to coach equipment .. or the club could increase the dues and reimburse the coaches for some each year.

Each club is different of course, but the above "blueprint" exists at most.

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