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Patterns of Play: Building from the Back in an 8 v 8 Pixel
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Patterns of Play: Building from the Back in an 8 v 8

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Patterns of Play: Building from the Back in an 8 v 8 Empty Patterns of Play: Building from the Back in an 8 v 8

Post by Amplified Soccer 24/03/16, 09:16 am

Please watch your games and ask yourself:

How many times does your team try to build out of the back?
How many times do they play Boot-Ball from back to front?

8 v 8 is at the younger ages; and not wanting to baffle them with science too early; we will choose far fewer ways to build out from the back than we do at 11 v 11.

But we will establish patterns of play they can learn to do that are very simple; but also very effective when done correctly; and we will change the boot ball mentality many clubs follow; and teach the game correctly without fear of failure.

Mistakes will occur when we build from the back because we are taking risks, but that's okay, players will learn from them.

Yes, it's much safer to boot it long to the fast striker to run and score but that teaches exactly nothing for the long term development of our players; plus all that the midfielders and defenders get out of are stiff necks from watching the ball go over their heads from back to front.

The striker gets all the glory but it means nothing; and as they get older; long term the one who suffers the most is ultimately the striker who learnt absolutely nothing but "running fast or dribbling in a straight line."

As the players get older, defenders are faster, stronger and more cleaver. The fast dynamic striker is no more. So let's teach the game correctly now; for everyone to succeed. I want EVERY player to learn, improve and succeed. That includes the striker as much as anyone. Good strikers are worth their weight in gold but they have to be trained correctly like everyone else.

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