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Gripe about contracts and June tournaments Pixel
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Gripe about contracts and June tournaments

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Gripe about contracts and June tournaments Empty Gripe about contracts and June tournaments

Post by Badgerfan76 08/06/21, 04:49 pm

Imagine if club soccer was actually about the kids.... I know i'm pissing into the wind here but there SHOULD be a bypass to avoid arbitrary and child like refusals (you Coaches know who you are) after a parent informs the team a child is not returning and its 30 days prior to new signing. How sad a Coach is who won't let a girl play in a tournament with a team they are interested in joining for the next season. Especially if that Coach's team isn't playing in same tourney and if the player has already informed the coach they won't return. Makes you respect (even more) those Coaches out there who when informed a player is leaving do all they can to help that player be successful in their next stop. It is all about the kids right?? Or at least in theory it is (we know that's not true but should be.)

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Gripe about contracts and June tournaments Empty Re: Gripe about contracts and June tournaments

Post by fcpcoach 08/06/21, 09:47 pm

I agree with you, NTX Soccer should look at this rule a little harder to see if there is something better that can be done. Seems silly that a player can go and practice/scrimmage with any team after May 15th, but cannot play in a sanctioned game with another team without a release from a disgruntled coach. On the boys side, it might have something to do we qualifiers that are held at the end of May, but not sure the real reason.

My team recently entered a tournament but needed Guest players since we had a number of players out of town on vacation and it was interesting to see what the BIG clubs approach to allowing their players to Guest play. Shout out to the Texans Soccer club for signing without hesitation, I sense they care more about development than the business when it comes to this aspect. The other BIG clubs would stick with their "canned" answer that "our policy states that we don't sign guest player release forms."

Not sure the rule will change any time soon, so in the meantime your "bypass" to the rule may be a secondary agreement with the coach on Signing day. They are making you sign a contract for a year, so draft up an agreement of your own that requires them to sign a Guest player release form at a time of your choosing as long as it does not interfere with one of their planned tournaments... Boom! Take the power back.
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