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Kicks Sam

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Kicks Sam Empty Kicks Sam

Post by planogirl 25/02/16, 10:16 am

Just heard a story that the super star Sam on Kicks 01 played in a D2 team before joined Kicks.

Can anyone share some insights how Sam grows and developed? She is a hero for many girls.

TxSoccer Poster
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Kicks Sam Empty Re: Kicks Sam

Post by Aloervera10 26/02/16, 09:36 am

Samantha started playing soccer at the tender age of 3.  Initially she played for a co-ed team, Cruz Azul, in the North Dallas area.  She was one of o my two girls on the team.  Sam loved practicing with the team and playing with her boy cousins in the street right in front of her grandmother's house.   The first official game was an outdoor game at Grauwyler Park located on Harry Hines Blvd. Sam was seemingly ready and excited, that is until the ref blew the whistle. Sam was frantic.  Having so many emotions at one time made her cry. She attempted to come out of the game several times, especially after seeing 2 other boys go off the field to their mothers as they to cried, but it was not allowed. Sam continued to run up and down that little bitty field, crying the entire time, she even scored a goal, but never stopped pleading to be pulled out. Parents on the sidelines criticized the fact that Sam was not allowed to come off that field.

The next game Sam played was an indoor game at Sole Role located in North Dallas.  She was slowly getting accustomed to this whole game thing. Her coach at the time had her in the forward position. She was timid and afraid to fight for the ball against boys who were faster and stronger but she always tried, putting forth more of an effort every time. Soon after, Sam was scoring goals without hesitation.  All goals were on assists from her teammates. Her nickname was "La Goliadora", meaning the scorer. This was perfect for her, at least until they faced more competitive teams. Sam's coached was asked to move her around, to allow her to learn other positions, all positions. A player who is able to play all positions will always be a more valuable player.

Early on it was obvious that Samantha possessed a keen understating of the game, she surveyed the field very well but lacked speed, skills and strength. Eventually she was the only girl on the team and in many occasions, the only girl in the game. She loved it by this time however. Sam continued to play on all boys teams since all girl's teams in this area were scarce, non-existent even.

The first all girls team Sam played on was registered with the Dallas East League.  The Little Brats were just okay but Sam didn't care, all she wanted to do was play. After one game two men approached her and asked if she would be interested in playing academy. A couple of weeks later she was on a team on the Xcelex club out of Balch Springs, TX. That team didn't stay together long, most of the girls were then passed on to Stephen Grey who represented FC Dallas out of the East. It is here where Sam became intrguied with fancy moves and tricks.  She wanted to learn! The entire team eventually made a move with Grey to Sting Soccer Club.  Sam adored her team and coach. She worked hard every practice, every day. As Sting East Grey 01 attempted to qualify for Lake Highlands, we were notified that Sam would have to sit out an entire year due to the fact that she was technically an 02. She was very upset!!

She would continue to train and practice with her team but she could not play with them.  Her coach found a spot for her on an all boys team, FC Dallas Perez.  Sam was a Good Sporting about it.  The boys never really hung out with her but they loved her.  Sam played better than she had ever played.  She realized she could do so many more things if she just tried. Game after game she surprised herself. She didn't know she could run that fast, or do this move and that move.

Once she was able to be part of her team again she was ecstatic. Sting East Grey 01 started the league in D2 and, unfortunately stayed there. After one season of league play,  Sam was encouraged to explore other teams, she refused. It was obvious the team was not developing further which meant Samantha wasn't either. The work ethic was there, the eagerness to learn was there, what was missing?

Finally, Sam realized that she needed to be on a team that pushed her, that she needed a coach with a different perspective on the game, training, practice and what an athlete like herself needed, she gave in to the idea of possibly moving. The opportunity to watch the Dallas Kicks SC team play a D1 league game fell on her lap. Sam kept saying that there was no way she could "hang" with these girls and the teams they play against. She felt she wasn't mentally and physically prepared on the same level. Even with all of this self-doubt Sam was totally turned on to the idea after watching 15 minutes of a game, that's it, 15 minutes!  The challenge was magnatizing.

Juan Martinez and the Dallas Kicks SC were exactly what Sam needed in her life. Coach Juan is an exceptional human being who not only loves soccer and his teams, he is completely invested in their academic  future as well as their future in the sport.  He keeps them hungry for improvement and the family he has created within his club keeps all of the kids motivated.

Sam is a great little athlete. She is disciplined, persistent, has great work ethic, she's humble and has learned to set goals and how to work on accomplishing said goals. I think she's great, but what else can I say, she's my daughter! However, I feel every athlete needs great coaches, trainers and teammates to keep him or her motivated and workin hard.

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Kicks Sam Empty Re: Kicks Sam

Post by boilerjoe_96 26/02/16, 09:48 am

So... let me get this straight. She wasn't on the #1 NTX/World dominating team at U8/U9 or U10? How can this be?

In all seriousness, congrats! Hard work for her has paid off.
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TxSoccer Author

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Kicks Sam Empty Re: Kicks Sam

Post by Guest 26/02/16, 10:29 am

Congrats to the player and parents! Thanks for providing the insight.

PG, did you notice that she played on a boys team and played up a year? That option is there for the '06s.


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